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I have a number of sites I've built and developed, most of them for income producing purposes. The sites listed below, however, are important because they relate to this site in a real and practical way.

Ukrainian Childrens Fund ~ My wife and started this fund several years ago. We started working in Ukraine back in 1995, helping orphanages, feeding the poor and under-privileged children. Over the years, our work has expanded and others have joined with us to touch these lives with compassion and in practical ways. Our hearts want to help children, as I'm sure your's as well, who are victims of circumstance and need someone to intervene in their lives.

David Tinney's "Keys To Success" ~ In 2001, I started teaching small business principle seminars all over Ukraine. I called the seminars, "Keys To Success" because I was teaching practical information how to start, market and be successful in a small business. This site has gone through several changes and is currently in re-development now.


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