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Biz Rants

Here you'll find a collection of rants I've written about business. Some are about what to do, others are warnings on what NOT to do. You need a real balance, it's not enough to know the right things to do, you also need to watch out for the traps and snares that'll cost you big time.

So here they are, in no particular order of importance, but gritty and in-your-face full of truth.

Why I Do #FollowFriday - Have you wondered WTH those tweets are with the hashtag & FollowFriday behind it? Well, I did too and now I'm hooked on the tradition of every Friday. Find out why I do #FollowFriday...[read more]

ABC's of Using Twitter Effectively - The beginning of an ongoing subject how to use Twitter effectively as a social marketing tool. Golden tips are explained in such a way so you can adapt to your own use and become a better tweeter...[read more]

Using Twitter Effectively - Social media marketing is hot right now and it's here to stay. This article will help you use Twitter effectively to build a network of people you want to stay connected to. Included is the strategy I used to get almost 500 followers in 36 hours...[read more]

Yellow Page Marketing in the Driveway - Recently, I returned home from the office and I noticed a large yellow book lying in the driveway of my neighbor. I stopped, got out of my vehicle for a closer look. I could not believe my eyes! The book was a Yellow Page directory...[read more]

Fix Your Faux Pas - A few days ago, I received an email from a couple that revealed a horrible mistake they had made in their printing business, (I changed their names in order protect them from further embarrassment). Here's the email in part...[read more]

I Fired My Son - That's right, I fired my son, here's the story. In 1991, I started my own business, a travel agency. I remember telling people...[read more]

Signs I've Used in My Business - I started an arborculture business (tree care) in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Here are images of signs I used to make my telephone ring (make money) and since then...[read more]



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