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Do you know how powerful a referral is? It's more than endorsement, it's your name or business handed to someone else on a silver platter. At the core of a referral is trust and value, which are essential ingredients to building business relationships. Below are links to sites I trust. More than that, I trust the men or women who own them. I value these people's advice and business savvy.

This list of links are not haphazardly thrown up on my site. I either know these people personally or have benefited from their expertise in some way, personally. If you choose to visit one of these sites, you can trust them, I guarantee it.

Kingdom Business Journal - My friend, Rich Forster has a vision to bring Christian business people together in order to teach, impart and empower them for marketplace ministry. Right now the site is in it's infant stage but I predict in a short time it will be a mover and shaker. I've never seen any other site like Kingdom Business Journal on the net.

KingdomBiz Academy - An international organization that empowers people to invest time in their relationships, health, education, and spiritual development, that leads to a full life. The Academy also teaches a unified framework for managing time and money, with practical actions to lead you quickly along the path to financial independence and increased effectiveness in daily life. Founders are Alistair Whitmoor-Pryor, from United Kingdom and Poul Dalgaard, of Denmark. I have the high privilege of working with these two gifted men. .

John Garfield - Releasing Kings - John Garfield is a professional and pastor who is an authority on the emerging wave of Ministry leadership in the business world. John is a successful engineer and manager in a large corporation as well as a pastor and founder of two churches. He coauthored the book, "Releasing Kings", which reveals how ministry can be taken outside the church and links vocation, ministry, and life purpose into one package designed to help people become successful and export blessing to others. As a business person, if you've found church boring and sitting idle in a pew once a week, you MUST connect with John and his writings. It will change your life.

Neil Shearing - I used one of Neil's products to create and launch my first eBook, "Why Not Fly Free" in 2003. I had some questions, being a newbie, and he responded almost immediately with the help I needed. His reputation and products are stellar.

Marlon Sanders - Marlon is by far the most respected internet marketer in the USA. He was successful in marketing before the internet came along then switched online and his success has become expotential. I bought a couple of his eBooks in the late nineties and employed his tactics to start building my cyber income. Marlon Sanders is simply the best.



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